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    2 Groups
    5 Thematic Strands

    Children's contexts, their everyday life and well-being

    Children's learning and development

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    Thematic Strand 1:
    Children's Social Practices
    and their Contexts

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    Thematic Strand 2:
    Child Health, Environment
    and Physical Education

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    Thematic Strand 3:
    Childhood Professionals

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    Thematic Strand 4:
    Pedagogic Resources
    for Children

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    Thematic Strand 5:
    Cultural Productions
    for Children

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Welcome to the
Research Centre on Child Studies (CIEC)

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The main objective of CIEC-UM is to promote high level research and the gathering of scientific knowledge and skills to contribute to the improvement of children’s wellbeing, development and learning.

The financial crisis in Portugal has imposed austerity on citizens and children are a vulnerable group. CIEC-UM hopes its rather unique, holistic approach to the study of child welfare, education and health contribute to address the difficulties faced by children, through relevant research.

The overall vision of CIEC-UM is as follows:

» To conduct research using a holistic approach to the study of the child and to develop the capability of researchers working in this field;

» To contribute to policies and practical issues relating to children, especially those affected by social deprivation;

» Training and supporting professionals who work with children: educators, teachers, nurses and others from educational, health and social services.

The CIEC Direction is in charge of Professor Maria Assunção Flores:

Maria Assunção Flores

CIEC Director
T: +351 253 60 46 06
E: aflores@ie.uminho.pt

CIEC Director CIEC Deputy Director

Rui Ramos

CIEC Deputy Director
T: +351 253 60 12 30
E: rlramos@ie.uminho.pt