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    Thematic Strand 5:
    Cultural Productions
    for Children

This Thematic Strand focuses attention on cultural productions designed for children and about children. In an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approach it seeks to questioning children’s places and gestures not only in the Portuguese and Lusophone literature and large cultural context but also in the wider framework of European art and culture.

What are the places and gestures of literary, cultural and artistic memory of potential children’s reading reception and how they can help build a free, democratic, intercultural and dialoguing society with the world? In what ways does the revisiting of canon occur and what are the forms of intertextual dialogue (literary, plastic, cultural, symbolic dialogues) with the contemporary cultural productions for the child? What does it mean today (in the context of the Lusophone culture and European culture, increasingly globalizing and inclusive) to build cultural products for children? What are the new forms of editing that make up these products? What are their dominant themes? What is the child’s image (and of her contexts) that is promoted by cultural products addressed to her? What forms and effects line the cultural productions about the child? How cultural products for children can help her in building values of active citizenship and to read the world in a sophisticated manner and not naive?

Thus, this Thematic Strand brings together several complementary perspectives (literary studies, discourse analysis, artistic studies) to understand and analyse in depth the cultural

productions designed for children and about her. It will seek to extend and strengthen the national and international networks (articulating especially with networks as "Las Literatures Infantiles y Juveniles del Marco Iberico e Iberoamericano" (LIJMI), “Rede Internacional de Universidades Leitoras” (Riul), "International Network of Universities Readers", "Creative Connections"), mobilizing human resources and raising funding for research projects in defined fields of research.

The Thematic Strand is developed around strategic projects, articulated with each other, and focused on the study of cultural productions for children and about her. In this context, they focus mainly on the following topics:

Childhood images in children's literature; Utopias and dystopias in children's literature; Classic and contemporary revisiting of canons; Children's literature and reader education; Ecoliteracy promotion through children’s and young adult’s literature; Discourse of science popularization for children; Popular festivals, economy, society and culture.

Thematic Strand 5 Coordinator:

Professor Fernando Fraga Azevedo




(00 351) 253 60 12 46